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News and Article about Werewolf from Werewolf Team and Local Communities

Official Announcement

Werewolf launch announcements and official Werewolf (WWC) announcement threads.

Werewolf Assets Discussion

Discussion about Werewolf Coin (WWC), WOLF Token and Werewolf NFT

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


General Discussion

If you are new to Werewolf you will want to visit these important pages to learn more about Werewolf , there are many questions that can be answered by looking through the FAQ’s

NFT Raffle Platform

Werewolf Exchange launched its NFT Raffle Platform to make exciting move in NFT space. The platform is basically a way to utilize an NFT to win it through buying tickets or to raise fund against your NFT. This category includes discussion about NFT Raffle Platform and to make it success.

Werewolf General Discussion

Discussion about werewolf and the cultures across the world which have incorporated the beast into their mythology, folklore and literature, creating a historical tradition that is often lost or forgotten