About getting WOLF Token

How can I get WOLF Token…??

You can get WOLF using ETH

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Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange and buy WOLF Token there.

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Steps to Purchase WOLF Token

  • Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange/
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface.
  • Enter the amount of Ethereum(ETH), you want to deposit to buy WOLF Token.
  • Click on Buy Wolf Token, wait for the transaction confirmation.
  • WOLF will be transferred to your wallet address.

Is it still possible to get WOLF Tokens?

@Zane Yes, you can buy WOLF Tokens

  1. Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange/
  2. Connect your Wallet
  3. Enter ETH amount equivalent to WOLF Token you are planning to buy.
  4. Proceed for transaction and wait to get it processed.

After buying WOLF token you can stake those Tokens in any Full Moon Pool on Staking page

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Additionally you can mint Werewolf Assets on NFT page

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