Participate in IBCO

How to Participate in IBCO on platform??


Initial Bonding Curve Offering participants will be able to invest Ethereum (ETH) in the official website and receive the WOLF Token to their wallet immediately.


Steps to participate in IBCO:

  1. Visit Werewolf Decentralized official website, which is

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface.

  3. Enter the amount of Ethereum(ETH), you want to deposit to buy WOLF Token.

  4. Click on Buy Wolf Token and submit the transaction in Metamask and wait for the transaction confirmation.

  5. Cheers! You have successfully participated in the Werewolf IBCO, and WOLF will be transferred to your wallet address.

    You can read more here


@XyloSmith Thank you for the information

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How IBCO differs from other token sale models?


Bonding curve offering
A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply. Bonding curve offering is a smart contract created to give tokens a market by making buy and sell functions. To buy WOLF tokens, the user needs to send Ethereum (ETH) to the born (Mint) function (with this function Wolves are taking birth) which calculates the average price of the token determined by the smart contract by following the linear curve formula. The sell function works in reverse: first, the user needs to take the bonding contract with permission to take the number of tokens you want to sell (ERC20.approve() ), and then you trigger the function to take those tokens from the user. The contract will calculate the current average selling price, and the user will send the correct amount of Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. Token prices increase and decrease as they are purchased and sold from the contract, respectively.
This Werewolf IBCO helps investors to gain governance over the Defi ecosystem, the Werewolf IBCO smart contract algorithm allows to create an Automatic Market Maker (AMM) and remaining 100% collateralized at all times. Bonding curve participants can essentially buy and sell tokens back at any time at Werewolf official website (, for a fair and transparent means of distributing governance rights.


Thanks for the clarification :+1: :love_you_gesture:

Hi, it appears the sell function is not working. so how do you recommend I sell my wolf into wwc ? or to ETH?

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Soon WOLF token Selling will be available on platform.
Optionally you can Stake those WOLF tokens in Moon pools to get WWC as a reward. OR
You can Mint Beta Or Omega Werewolf NFT using WOLF Tokens.

Only metamask work?
Or i can use another

i am from india,i can buy give erorr