Some info about Werewolf

Werewolf are shapeshifters who have the ability to transform from an ordinary human appearance to a partially-lupine form that includes pointed ears, mutton chops, wickedly long and sharp claws and fangs, and a ridged brow. In rare cases, werewolves can have such advanced shapeshifting abilities that they can actually turn into a real wolf, or can transform into a large, monstrous, bipedal wolf-man


Yes Indeed, In the supernatural community, being a Werewolf is considered a gift, but it is a gift that has a cost—because a Werewolf’s powers are derived from the moon, the full moon will cause their abilities and emotions to be so heightened that many become more powerful.

An Alpha Werewolf is the leader of a pack of werewolves. It is the strongest, most powerful and by far the most lethal variety of Werewolf.

Beta Werewolves are members of a werewolf pack, following the leadership of an Alpha werewolf. Betas are bound to the pack they belong to.

Omegas are generally the lowest on the power level, they are not members of a pack, they have no affiliation with an alpha or an experienced beta.


Yes, I am also fan of werewolf. I love to watch those TV series online.
Werewolf gains their power from the moon, [and especially on supermoons, when the full moon is even closer to the Earth than it normally is] are when they are at their strongest.


Werewolf are stronger when they are in pack. The majority of werewolves belong to a pack, due to being social creatures who also benefit from the additional power they gain from the support of their packmates. However, even those werewolves who chose to remain alone still respect the werewolf hierarchy.


Its actually good to introduce such concept and convert it into a platform. its Interesting

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I have been reading the concept of Werewolf for a while. I am very much excited about the gaming part on the platform

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