Type of Werewolves Assets on Platform

How many of each type of Werewolves Assets are there?

Hi Anna,
We primarily have three types of Werewolf Assets as Alpha, Beta and Omega Assets. We are building a gaming platform where NFT holders can fight with other NFT holders over ownership of Territory as well as getting hold of oppositions Werewolf asset which they used in fight.

The total number Alpha Werewolf will be the total number of Territories/States on the planet as each Alpha will own a single territory. On Werewolf Platform when Beta Werewolf born in specific territory that Beta will be assigned to the Alpha Werewolf of that territory by default. Each such territory will contain many Beta Werewolves with same Alpha Werewolf as their leader. Unlike Beta Werewolf When an Omega Werewolf is born in a specific territory then by default it won’t be assigned to the Alpha Werewolf of that territory but in each such territory many Omega Werewolves can be born.

On Werewolf Platform can I own more than one territory?

@GerardinoL Yes, If you own more than one Alpha then you can own those many territories.

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Thanks Admin :+1: :+1: :+1:

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