Werewolf Coin Leaderboard Contest - 7500 WWC

WWC Leader board Contest

We had launch a Contest under the heading “Werewolf Coin Leaderboard Contest - 7500 WWC” on 15th March 2021, where we decided to giveaway 7500 WWC to those who enter into the leaderboard by staking more and more WOLF Tokens in to Moon Pools listed on website. As promised, apart from earned WWC reward for staking WOLF Tokens Leaderboard rank holder got additional WWC for holding their first 5 ranks. Rewards are as follows,

  1. Rank 1st: 2500 WWC
  2. Rank 2nd: 2000 WWC
  3. Rank 3rd: 1500 WWC
  4. Rank 4th: 1000 WWC
  5. Rank 5th: 500 WWC

You can verify the rewards details On Etherscan

Congratulations to the Winners :tada: :confetti_ball:


lovely i like this is goode one