Werewolf NFT (Werewolf Assets)

We are pleased to announce the launching of Werewolf Assets (Werewolf Non-fungible tokens).

These Non-fungible tokens will be use for gamification on Werewolf platform thus giving an exciting edge to the werewolf ecosystem.

What are Non-fungible tokens?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets that represent a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items. One of the main benefits of owning a digital collectible versus a physical collectible like a Pokémon card or rare minted coin is that each NFT contains distinguishing information that makes it both distinct from any other NFT and easily verifiable. This makes the creation and circulation of fake collectibles pointless because each item can be traced back to the original issuer.

Unlike regular crypto currencies, NFTs cannot be directly exchanged with one another. This is because no two NFTs are identical — even those that exist on the same platform, game or in the same collection.

Key characteristics of NFTs include:

  • Non-interoperable
  • Indivisible
  • Indestructible
  • Verifiable

What is Werewolf NFT (Werewolf Assets)?

The vast majority of NFT tokens were built using one of two Ethereum token standards (ERC-721 and ERC-1155). We have built Werewolf NFT on ERC-721. On Werewolf Platform we have following Werewolf Assets.

  1. Alpha Werewolf Asset [Alpha NFT]

Alpha is the most dangerous type of werewolf. When in canine form they are noticeably larger. Alphas have bright Red eyes. In rare cases, Alphas can literately turn into actual wolves, but in a larger and more brutish appearance. Alphas are the ones that can create new werewolves, or other new shape-shifters. An Alpha’s eyes glow red when shape-shifted. An Alpha werewolf carries an internal spark of power that supplements their ability to shape-shift, making it easier for them to shift into more powerful shapes, as well as their individual strength and supernatural abilities.

On Werewolf Platform Alpha Werewolf will own a territory. So total number of Alpha on the platform will be equal to total number of territories exists on the planet.

As shown above A Werewolf is having some common characteristics like Healing, Strength, Speed, Vision, Senses, Transformation Time, Agility, Wolsbane Resistance etc. irrespective of their types.

An Alpha Werewolf NFT is having some additional characteristics like Power Absorption, Empathy, Pain Transference, Mind Melding, Full Moon Power Enhancement, Super memory, Super Intelligence, Resistance to cold, Telepathy and Silver Damage %.

2) Beta Werewolf Asset [Beta NFT]

Beta Werewolves are members of a werewolf pack, following the leadership of an Alpha werewolf. Betas are bound to the pack they belong to Although not as powerful as an Alpha, Beta werewolves are noticeably stronger than Omega Werewolves. Betas are the main members of the pack. Betas are the most common werewolf type. They are the standard canine shape-shifter. In a pack, most members will be betas, with the leaders being the alphas. A beta shape-shifter’s eyes will glow bright Gold.

On Werewolf Platform when Beta Werewolf born in specific territory that Beta will be assigned to the Alpha Werewolf of that territory by default. Each such territory will contain many Beta Werewolves with same Alpha Werewolf as their leader.

Similar to an Alpha Werewolf NFT, a Beta NFT is having some common characteristics like Healing, Strength, Speed, Vision, Senses, Transformation Time, Agility, Wolsbane Resistance etc.

Beta Werewolf NFT also have some additional characteristics like Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Dexterity, Pain Absorption, Extraordinary Superhuman Leaping, Infectious, Resistance to cold, Rage Enhancement.

3) Omega Werewolf Asset [Omega NFT]

Omegas are the lowest rank in the canine shape-shifter hierarchy. These wolves are not members in a pack, or have no affiliation with an alpha or an experienced beta. An omega shape-shifter’s eyes will glow Blue. Omegas are generally the lowest on the power level, because they are not members of a pack, of which members gradually receive symbiotic balance, power from each other. Omegas could be the survivor of a pack’s destruction, or they could be alone by their own choice. Because they are considered to be “The Outcasts”, Omegas are searching for a pack. Despite being the weakest and lowest-ranking werewolves of the lycanthrope, Omega Werewolves are still strong and powerful creatures in their own right.

Unlike Beta Werewolf When an Omega Werewolf is born in a specific territory then by default it won’t be assigned to the Alpha Werewolf of that territory.

Omega Werewolf NFT are the lone wolf. They are having less characteristics/power than an Alpha or Beta Werewolf NFT, although they share common characteristics like Healing, Strength, Speed, Vision, Senses, Transformation Time, Agility, Wolsbane Resistance with both of them.

Characteristics of Werewolf NFT

All of the above NFT are characteristically different from each other in terms of Eye color, Strength, Speed, Senses, Emotion etc.

Following are common Werewolf NFT characteristics among Alpha, Beta and Omega Werewolf with their value ranges. As you can see Alpha is superior than Beta and Omega Werewolf and Beta is superior to Omega Werewolf in terms of different characteristics. Each Werewolf NFT will have characteristic value associate with them within range specified in following chart.

Minting of Alpha, Beta, Omega Werewolf

On Werewolf Platform we are giving NFT minting using which people can mint Alpha, Beta or Omega Werewolf. We are very much glad to announce that we are giving an opportunity to the people on Werewolf Platform to Mint Beta and Omega Werewolf free of cost, you just have to pay Network Fee and you can own a Beta or Omega Werewolf Asset. Although to Buy Alpha in particular territory you need to spend WWC.

Process of Buying Alpha, Beta and Omega Werewolf

  1. Click on NFT menu on https://app.werewolf.exchange
  2. Click on Create to proceed further.
  3. Select your NFT type [Alpha/Beta/Omega Werewolf]
  4. After that you can change Looks and Color of Werewolf NFT using editor except their eye color as eye color is primary distinguishing characteristic for each Werewolf type. Click on ‘Random Werewolf’ button to choose from random color combinations generated by system. Using ‘Prime Werewolf’ option, you can choose Werewolf in single color tone. For Alpha Werewolf NFT both ‘Random Werewolf’ and ‘Prime Werewolf’ options are enabled and for Beta and Omega werewolf NFT only ‘Random Werewolf’ option is enabled. Apart from this we also gave facility to change color of each part of Werewolf NFT as you desire.
  5. You need to lock that Werewolf NFT using Confirm Werewolf button for selected variations before you proceed further.
  6. Then select the region [Territory] in which you want your Werewolf NFT will belong. Here Region/Territory will be state of particular country. Each such territory will have only 1 Alpha Werewolf NFT in it. No two Alpha NFT will belong to a single territory. When Beta Werewolf NFT is born, it will be associate with a single territory and will be included in pack of Alpha Werewolf of that territory by default. Omega can be born in a territory but it is not bound to that territory or an Alpha Pack.
  7. After that give your Werewolf NFT a name.
  8. Now you can own that Werewolf NFT after finishing purchase [Approval and Minting process].


  1. You can buy Alpha using WWC.
  2. Beta and Omega can be purchase using WOLF Tokens [for now Beta and Omega Werewolf NFT is free, you have to spend network fee only].

Selling of Werewolf NFT

We have a model of ‘Selling your Werewolf NFT’. If you place your Werewolf NFT for sell on platform, then that NFT can be bought by following two ways

  1. Using ETH: If someone bought your Werewolf NFT using ETH then 1% of buying value will be deducted as a platform fee.
  2. Using WWC: If someone bought your Werewolf NFT using WWC then platform fee will be waived off.

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