WOLF Token Purchase Process

Where can I get WOLF Token? What is the process?

Visit website werewolf.exchange there is screen to purchase WOLF Token using ETH

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Steps to participate in IBCO:

  1. Visit Werewolf Decentralized official website, which is https://app.werewolf.exchange

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface.

  3. Enter the amount of Ethereum(ETH), you want to deposit to buy WOLF Token.

  4. Click on Buy Wolf Token and submit the transaction in Metamask and wait for the transaction confirmation.

  5. Cheers! You have successfully participated in the Werewolf IBCO, and WOLF will be transferred to your wallet address.


Thanks @XyloSmith for Information.

Is there a reason why I cant sell it back to [https://app.werewolf.exchange ]

The Website previously had a release date posted for the exchange as well as the ability to sell WOLF back to the IBCO listed as May 26th. A few days afterward, they were both changed to their current statuses. My guess would be that the date of the release of the exchange and the ability to sell WOLF back into the contract will be the same date in the future. There have been a few delays in Werewolf in the past, however they have generally stuck to their roadmap. I believe they’re still looking for developer help on the team, so that’s likely slowed things down.